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Case Study Luxurious looks and powerful strategies

Quebec’s luxury real-estate industry is a dynamic and competitive field boasting exclusive clientele and high-end residences that demand quality expertise and extreme focus from its agencies. At the epicentre of this prestigious dominion is Marie-Yvonne Paint. Marie-Yvonne Paint’s (MYPAINT) agency is a powerhouse in affluent real-estate brokering, with decades of experience in Quebec and internationally. In January 2017, MYPAINT partnered with Nara to create a new website, improve its advertising management and search engine ranking. Marie-Yvonne and her attentive and qualified team are unforgettable to the clients they assist, which is why we needed to capture the identity of excellence Marie-Yvonne has carefully curated, while also modernizing MYPAINT’s image to create a website that was more user and mobile friendly. In addition to redesigning the webpage, our goal was to drive qualified web traffic to the site who would engage in serious consultations regarding buying and selling, versus the majority of users who pleasure-browse without the intent of using MYPAINT’s services. To do this we needed to gain traction in search results and increase serious engagement with the site while focusing on a small group of elite clientele.

"Our goal was to drive qualified web traffic to the site who would engage in serious consultations regarding buying and selling..."


Rebuilding the site was a comprehensive task due to its many pages and properties that needed to be properly highlighted while also reflecting the trust and class of the team at hand. Marie Yvonne’s impeccable style and brand were already established, however, we needed to modernize its image to be more engaging and interactive for its wealthy users. To manage quality, the renewal process was iterative and required Nara to create multiple versions of the platform, which were reviewed by our client and improved until it aligned directly with MYPAINT’s vision and client demographics. We made sure to work closely with Marie Yvonne’s team so that the site would be easily controlled and updated as needed.


Directing web traffic proved challenging in that it required us to reach a small group of serious buyers and sellers using targeted advertising campaigns curated by our team. MYPAINT is among a small but elite group of highly competitive real-estate brokers in Quebec, so we needed to be able to gain traction above other big players in an intelligent and sophisticated manner using search engine optimization to direct both paid and organic traffic to the site.

To begin this multi-step process, we first needed to do global research into the niche of luxury real-estate markets to thoroughly understand the demands of this exclusive audience. After completing our generalized research, we then focused on the clientele, creating an optimal audience focused on various parameters such as age, location, interests, and search queries to indicate the best search results and sites to place each advertisement.

Our team then designed quality visuals and messages that best reflected MYPAINT’s identity, implementing them in our specialized advertising campaigns to garner the attention of our targeted group. These were then launched on search engines and websites where our research indicated they would be most viewed and interacted with. Using remarketing we analyzed past users who had engaged with MYPAINT’s previous site, and therefore were familiar with its brand, reviewing the websites they tended to frequent and placing banner ads among them.

Finally, we analyzed the results of web traffic through MYPAINT’s site, along with the engagement and interaction of its users, comparing it alongside the commercial reports MYPAINT provided us to fully understand the effectiveness of the campaign and the areas that could be improved.

And after? As is the custom at Nara, we provide a monthly report to the client that focuses on the results of advertising and expenses while showcasing the current health and wellbeing of the website. This sheds light onto how the website faired for the given month and allows the client to compare the type and quality of the traffic, interaction, and location of its users. We also provide specialized recommendations aimed at enhancing the overall digital presence, not only on the handled activities but also on the website’s performance, social presence and search result appearance, amongst others.


Clean colors To achieve a graphic environment that is not distracting and can make the visitor feel comfortable even after a long time spent on the website, we have chosen a colour scheme that followed MYPAINT's initial identity while allowing for a light update of the look & feel.

Prestigious, Clear and Powerful Designs MYPAINT already had an established brand identity, but needed it to be refreshed while keeping the same highlight of their luxurious and high-end attributes. Using the beautiful images they produce, we designed a look that connects with the targeted audience and showcases the incredible properties they have for sale.

The balance of vibrant colours and visuals with the clean whites created a perfect harmony while offering a intuitive user experience for all.


Starting with the launch of the new website and following with the creation of powerful advertising campaigns, we've given a strong boost to MYPAINT's digital presence and authority. Translating into various gains, we consistently work towards finding and developing new strategies to continue growing their standing in an incredibly competitive industry.


The Numbers

30% increase in organic traffic since the new site launched

-36% average page load time on site

46% increase time on site and pages visited by advertising acquired visitors

Increased visibility on each property thanks to enhanced rankings and user friendly structure

A few words to let you know how much the team and myself are satisfied of your services. Your ability, availability and integrity are, without a doubt, qualities that separate you from other companies. Marie-Yvonne Paint - Luxury Real Estate

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