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Case Study Capturing the student's interest

SMI Group, known formally as The Schools of the Media Industry, holds a special role at NARA as one of our first clients. In the span of four years, we have grown and developed side by side, each respectively expanding in reach and prominence. SMI is a group of private colleges and universities worldwide that provide specialized training in various media-based subjects such as fashion, journalism, aesthetics and art. Our goal at NARA is to aide SMI in engaging, helping, and securing potential students looking to enroll in specialized higher education programs using web-driven campaigns, sleek visuals, and search engine optimization. Boasting eight schools in six different cities, SMI requires a different approach for each season of the educational year, from initial interest in a school all the way to signing up for classes. Our many objectives work towards extending the scope of SMI, in order to help it reach more students, gain visibility, offer more courses, and ultimately obtain more schools.

"Boasting eight schools in six different cities, SMI requires a different approach for each season of the educational year."


Beginning in October, our primary ambition is to reach a broad audience of young adults with specific messages in order to excite interest and provide detailed information regarding the vast number of courses, schools and cities SMI offers. Using distinctive advertisements we direct web traffic to each school’s website, giving young adults a chance to explore and gather information regarding their passion and to compare schools.
By January our approach shifts from outreach to creating quality content that provides in-depth information about the school in consideration, how to visit and ways to schedule meetings with guidance counsellors. All of this work, throughout the year, is ultimately put to test in May, where potential students enroll in courses and begin their journey into a specialized field.


In order to reach and create the most optimized audience for each school, we first have to look deeply into the patterns of the general public, where we study various parameters such as age, gender, interests or search queries, in order to gain a better understanding of who we can best reach with our campaign and how to approach them. Using this information, our team generates an optimal audience specific to each schools specialization, creating relevant messages and visuals that we then implement in our targeted advertising campaigns.

Once we have completed this step, we launch our advertising campaigns on search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We focus greatly on the quality of our visuals and texts in order to advance school-specific content and encourage young adults into visiting their website and exploring. By strategically grouping relevant courses to specific audiences, we’ve managed to cut costs for SMI while still achieving maximized results for each college.

After each campaign, we analyze its success and subsequent web traffic using digital tools that track the public’s interaction and engagement. SMI provides commercial reports focused on the scale of sign-ups per school and specific course.

And after? After analysis we revise and renew our process to better recommend ways to optimize the sites and increase organic, free-flowing traffic on each web platform as well as revise our advertising strategy, ensuring it always stays fresh and efficient. As the activity online becomes increasingly more fast-paced and dynamic, we know our strategies need to evolve as quickly as SMI’s youthful audience. That’s why we constantly work to refresh our approaches and do constant A/B testing in order to gauge which strategies are the most beneficial in obtaining our goals.

A clean and streamlined design In order to reach out to each audience with a clear message and identity, we design and build many banners used on social platforms and on the various websites these users visit.

Each school has a unique identity that needs to be properly represented through the used visuals. We closely study the established look & feel of each school so as to renew the final style during each production session.


After working together for over 4 years, the results and added value are very clear. A strong increase in requested documentation, meetings with guidance counselors, contacts and course sign-ups is observed. We continue to aim towards new heights with Groupe SMI and are always looking for new technics to grow these results every year.

The numbers

35% increase of qualified leads

+350 banners built every year

Growth of the visibility of each school on the French market

Large amount of documentation downloads.

The level of satisfaction we experience with Nara can be synthesized in few words: a 35% increase in qualified leads during since we started our collaboration 4 years ago. Groupe SMI - Higher Education

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