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Resto-bar Tendresse

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Case Study A new bistro in the village

The newest in a family of classy yet eclectic resto-bars in Montreal, Tendresse is a bistro that reflects the diverse tastes of its patrons, both literally and aesthetically. Perched in the middle of the Gay village, it boasts a varied and multi-cultural Vegan menu, often locally sourced, fit for anything from brunch to dinner or coffee to cocktails. In anticipation of its opening, Nara teamed with the bistro for the creation of its website.



Nara partnered with the Tendresse team in October 2018, with the intention of creating a website for the new bistro that would establish a foundational identity (based on existing company branding from the bars Renard and Palco) and generate customer interest. When we began the work, the bistro was still in its early conception without a location, providing a unique and exciting challenge for the website design and content creation. We sought to illustrate the energy of the bistro with the use of animations that would further the existing branding, previously established by Le Billy Club, while showcasing clean menu presentations, location and contact info, and simplified reservation forms. The website required easy to use applications for both its users and owners, with updatable features that could be accessed by the proprietors as well as facilitated functions for customers. Our goal was to highlight Tendresse, while simultaneously showcasing its sister location Renard, located across the street.



Before embarking on the construction of the site, we first completed a thorough analysis of the bistro scene in Montreal, researching competitors and the previous achievements of Palco and Renard. This step allowed us to evaluate the tools and themes used within the industry while generating strategies to enhance the site and visibility of the bistro.

With this information, and working within the bounds of the existing branding, we began to construct a recipe for the website construction. We needed the site to be durable, fast, and easily modifiable for the proprietors. Since the website would evolve alongside the restaurant, the owners needed simplified means for updating menus, descriptive blocks, and image content to stay current with their new and growing business. During this phase, we also gave the Tendresse team recommendations on photo content, given the bistro was still in construction, which they shot and added to the site.

Continuing a simple, yet chic, format we wanted a website that would entice the customer visually, while clearly highlighting contact information, location, and menu options. This, along with easy to use reservation forms helped optimize conversion funnels, taking potential customers from their screens and into the bistro seats.

Finally, we sprinkled in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that the budding bistro could obtain more online visibility in the beginning phases of its evolution, further enhanced by our digital marketing recommendations. This included promotional ideas and suggestions for social media platforms and third party sites such as blogs and magazines, increasing the bistros visibility and augmenting the SEO.

Before launching the site we put it through rigorous tests to ensure functionality and efficiency, for both the client and their potential customers.

Tendresse Tendresse

Clear, Modern and Bold Fluid scroll pages and visually coordinated content allowed for straightforward navigation, while highlighting the menus and atmosphere of the bistro.

Working in alliance with the previously established branding, credited to Le Billy Club, we built the site with colors, patterns, and logos that would tie into the themes represented at Renard and Palco, while staying true to the new identity of the bistro and the vibe intended of its owners.

Tendresse Tendresse

Site architecture was based on our research and analysis of the eatery scene in Montreal and stayed consistent with the industry standard for restaurants.

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