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Podiatric clinic Pierre Martinelli

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Case Study A new podiatric practice in France

After years of schooling, internships, and travel within the world of podiatric medicine, Pierre Martinelli established his own practice in Nozay, France four years ago. His slogan “Take care of your feet, if you do not want to walk on your head” stands as a testament to his passion and dedication for the field of podiatry. A hardworking practitioner, he required a website to reach and book his clientele, which is where the partnership began between Pierre and Nara.


We began working with Pierre in December of 2018 to create a brand new website for his business. As a solo practitioner, a website was essential to directing clients and establishing himself as a trusted physician. We set out to do a complete website construction, including easy to use services for the clientele and tools for Pierre himself, so that he could easily update the site when needed. Given the challenge of a field full of medical terminology, and taking into consideration the multiple services Pierre offered, we wanted the site to be comprehensible to all users, with clear presentations of the services as well as easy-to-use forms for online bookings. Additionally, we sought to create a digital brand for Pierre, with effective images and content that would showcase both his competency and skill as a podiatrist.


As is custom at Nara, our first step was to do a thorough analysis of the field of podiatry, including competitors and other healthcare providers. This measure guides the design process by evaluating which online elements are most compelling to clients browsing the domains of health care, aiding our team in the choice of site architecture, colors, and other tools. With this information we then created multiple prototypes of the site, working in close collaboration with Pierre to choose what would most effectively optimize conversions and express his character. To increase his recognizability, we then created a new digital brand for Pierre’s online platforms, designing a contemporary logo for his firm that would define him in the upper echelons of luxe podiatric services.

The construction of the site required a modern and fluid structure that patients of all abilities would be able to navigate. Our team chose to use minimalist scroll pages laden with clear information regarding services so clients could review potential appointments while simultaneously highlighting Pierre as an open and caring podiatrist. This structure also included new reservation forms which would defer to Docto-lib, a third party site that simplifies the booking process and expands Pierre’s reach, which our team could give recommendations upon for best optimization. These steps, along with clear presentations of the firm’s location and contact info, served to optimize conversion funnels for Pierre, improving the turnover rate of potential clients into active ones.

For the final step of the design process, our team worked with Pierre to generate new photographs for the site and gave exclusive recommendations on the organization and descriptions of text content. Before launching the site, our team sent it through a final evaluation process to ensure top functionality for our client. This included an analyzation and optimization of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with troubleshooting any errors that could occur on the links and pages.


Neutral elegance For the digital landscape of the site, we chose White for its modern, clinical, and non-aggressive qualities. We accented only certain elements with Beige and Gold to make a unique parallel with skin and create an organic and natural palette.

Minimalist and modern Staying current within the realm of healthcare, we lead the design process with a focus on minimalist and modern site architecture. Using fluid scroll pages with highlights on important information, our team ensured user-friendly exhibitions of both Pierre’s services and professionalism.

We chose images and colors consistent with podiatry to draw a visual parallel between the online branding and the top-rate care patients would receive by contacting Pierre.

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