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Wellness furniture Daner

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Case Study

Daner was founded in 1998 with a vision to improve the life and freedom of senior citizens in their own home. Inspired by Danish engineering, the company focused on products such as adapted armchairs, sofas, and scooters specifically personalized to the morphology and needs of each client. Establishing itself as a trademark in senior comfort, Daner recently passed hands in ownership to our client, who sought to revitalize the brand and it’s online platforms.


We began working with Daner in 2018, with the objective to rejuvenate the online presence and reach of the company, while preserving the essential element of comfort for its clientele. Therefore, our design for the site weighed equally on modernization and accessibility, including the creation of new content and visuals, while still catering to the specific challenges senior citizens may experience, such as bad eyesight or trouble navigating new technology.

We sought to update the Daner brand through powerful imagery and lead generating campaigns, while maintaining its recognizability as a staple in senior comfort. The site also required a revitalization of it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that Daner could best reach its clients and increase leads. This effort went hand in hand with the advertising campaigns along with specific recommendations from our team to help our client most efficiently improve their lead quality while minimizing lost efforts.


At Nara, we believe a thorough analysis of each company’s industry and competition is integral for us to create personalized branding, individual tailoring to websites, and creative advertising campaigns. Our first step when collaborating with Daner was to research the company and the array of services aimed at senior citizens in the European market, so our solutions would best meet the company’s needs.

Much like Daner’s products, our goal was to improve ease and functionality for seniors on the site, using fonts that were bold and readable, along with the generation of content that would best showcase the products. This included new photos and articles aimed at highlighting the vision of Daner, in a clean and clear manner. The website needed to be intuitive and fast, so that people of all ages and tech ability would be able to navigate comfortably. We sought to maintain Daner’s existing brand, while revitalizing it through specific colour accents, creating a minimalist and polished effect. Since the previous website had not been updated for a long time, we catered the design to ensure their team would be able to easily make changes and updates when needed.

The generation of new content was one of many strategies we used to improve the SEO of the site. Our solutions for increased SEO helped put Daner more prominently on the digital map for seniors and their families to find the company and products needed, while improving their ranking among competitors. (Generating organic traffic and improving the flow of movement through a site is a major focus for our team at Nara.)

Additionally we created lead generating campaigns, such as Google Ads, along with clear, optimized conversion funnels to turn potential Daner clients into active ones. Fulfilling our promise of an ‘all-in-one’ approach, and adapting to Daner’s senior clientele who may not have a strong online presence, we also recommended other advertising campaigns through non-digital means, such as television and mail. We believe in giving our clients the best resources and recommendations for improving their strategies in reaching potential clients, and the unique challenge of a client-base not present online was an excellent moment for our team to creatively find a solution.


Vibrant accessibility To enhance the minimalist and modern design of the site, we chose non-aggressive and accessible colours such as grey and white for the main blocks, while accenting important information with more vibrant blues and oranges to direct the eye and facilitate movement within the page.

Simplicity and clarity It was vital to ensure the creation of an ergonomic, simple to use and accessible website, specifically because of the more senior audience that Daner targets.

The contact form was conceptualized by focusing on the double reality of simplicity of use on one hand and the need to organize users through specific fields.


The launch of the site having been done properly and in due time, it was important to focus on engagement, conversions and traffic to the website. Right after launching, numerous users visited the website and it’s content while getting in touch with Daner through the contact form built for that purpose. Launching advertising campaigns has helped in that sense and has allowed for the acquisition of new clients while generating new visibility in the French market.

The Numbers

3.2 pages per session on average

3:00 minutes spent on the website on average

49% of the overall traffic comes from organic sources

Growth of the catalogue requests through the form

Nara Creative is a very serious agency. The team is creative, swift and great all around. They always have a solution to recommend to attain the best results. It's a real pleasure to work with them. I greatly recommend them. Thank you all for your work and collaboration. Keep it up! Daner - Wellness Furniture

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